Dinner a la Leftovers

Welcome to another addition of Tasty Tuesday, where I along with my fellow author friends show off our culinary talents.

I bet some of you thought we just fantasize and write about hot firemen/cowboys/military/bad boys/Alpha/Beta hero’s, eh?

Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, we do, but we also have to cook for our families, and the easier the recipe, the better.

Dinner a La Leftovers


1 Crock Pot (Some places call them Slow Cookers)

Leftover Sexy Sassy Sauce (click here for the recipe)

If you haven’t made the Sexy Sassy Sauce, then I ask you why? Okay, I get it, you haven’t had time. In its place you can use leftover tomato sauce, or, in this case, I’ll make an exception and say you can even use…*gulp*…jar sauce. I know, I’ve said NEVER EVER do this, but, we’re talking leftovers here.

One can of Chick peas (don’t worry, no chicks will be injured in the making of this recipe), drained and rinsed.

One can of Lentils (drained and rinsed)

Any leftover vegetables that are sitting in your fridge and in danger of becoming a science experiment.

I used leftover zucchini. Chopped them, drizzled them with a bit of olive oil and roasted them, before adding to the recipe.

You can use any leftover vegetables, except Brussel sprouts. They are the devil’s veggie. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend, it’s one vegetable I don’t like.

Whatever vegetable you have leftover to use, first Saute or roast them before adding to the crock pot.

Pasta (gluten-free, with gluten, whatever you prefer.)

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (or any kind of cheese you have that needs using).

Cheese makes the tomatoes and pasta combo even that much better, right?

Can I get a hell, yeah, on that?

I’m talking fresh cheese, not that “plastic cheese” also known as Kraft slices or anything in a tube. Even with leftovers, I will not negotiate on this.

Sea Salt & Pepper to taste (red chili peppers are great in this dish)

Directions: (They don’t get any easier than this)

Add the following inside a crock pot: Leftover vegetables, tomato sauce (the sexy, sassy sauce, or one you are using), lentils, chickpeas, salt & pepper.


Set your crock pot on low for 4 – 6 hours. (Even less time if you want, basically you’re marrying all the flavor together.)

Go out and have some fun.

Come back, bring a pot of salted water to boil, cook your pasta al dente.

Drain pasta.

Stir in crock pot mixture.

Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

There you go. Easy, right?

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7 responses to “Dinner a la Leftovers”

  1. Nice easy, just the way I like it! I still need to make the Sassy Sauce.


    1. Hi, Moira, thanks for stopping by. You haven’t made SS&S yet? Are you one of those people? LOL Joking. Yes, this is easy. The crockpot is my best friend. Vita mixer used to be my friend, but it backfired on me when it exploded blueberry juice all over my kitchen.


  2. nancyelizabethlauzon Avatar

    Is it even possible to have leftover Sexy Sassy Sauce lying around? Not in my house! I’ll definitely try this, it sounds great. But I guess I’ll have to make double the amount of sauce in order to have some leftover =) P.S. I’m with you on the brussel sprout thing.


    1. I make a huge batch of SS&S so that I can have leftovers.

      We are sisters connected in our fight against brussel sprouts. LOL


  3. lol! Well, this sounds awesome, as usual, but I don’t have a crockpot. Pity me. However…speaking of devilish, you’ve just inspired me for next week’s recipe. *cue evil laughter*


    1. PG, you can make this in a regular pot. I have 4 Crockpots. LOL I’m not obsessed, but when the whole family comes over, there are a lot of us, and they come in handy to keep things warm and make different sauces, etc. Looking forward to your devilish recipe.


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