Tantalizing Thursday – aka – Meme Creation Addiction

Welcome to Tantalizing Thursday. If you are reading this blog on another day, then it would be:

Fun Friday (Three letter word. I see Words with Friends is paying off.)

Meme Monday (Just learned recently what a meme is and I’m still not sure how to pronounce it.)

Selena’s Snippet Saturday. (I know what you’re thinking, clever, right? Can’t take credit for this, there are a lot of Snippet Saturday blogs out there. Thank you to whoever invented this.)

Tempting Tuesday (Thank you, Thesaurus)

Wondering Wednesday (As in…when the hell will Selena put up a New Blog post?)

Thursday. Time for a New blog post. Probably a recipe, a highly anticipated interview (admit it, you’re real curious now, right?) Or perhaps one of my self-deprecating posts, where it wasn’t my fault. English wasn’t my first language, and who the hell knew that Athletic Supports aren’t something a man puts around his chest?

For now, I aim to tantalize your reading taste buds with these homemade (remember, I’m not a graphic artist) meme with some of the quotes from my books.

Please note: These pictures serve as inspirations for the quotes taken from my novels.

From my current release WHAT A GIRL WANTS

Alex & Maddie





Soon to be released


(To view the quotes better, simply click on the pictures to enlarge…oh, so many innuendo’s come to mine….okay, I’ll stop with the puns.) 



Work in Progress (SINS OF THEIR FATHERS)

Hero (Cade) Bodyguard to a Mafia Princess (Laura)

Waiting for her in a lingerie shop’s dressing room 


Free Short Story TEMPTED BY AN ANGEL (Available at B&N, Kobo, I-tunes, Smashwords)


Hope you enjoyed. Y’all come back now, you hear.

8 responses to “Tantalizing Thursday – aka – Meme Creation Addiction”

  1. I loved them Selena, I am going to have to reread What a girl wants. And waiting for Once Upon a Kiss. Thanks for the fun tease!


    1. Thanks, Kelly. Glad you liked them. I am looking forward to you reading Once Upon A Kiss as well. Have a fun re-read, always music to an author’s ears.


  2. Great snippets Selena. I have What a girl wants on my wish list. I read Tempted by an angel and I loved it. Will there be more to it in another book like a series?


    1. Hi, Joyaleman,

      Glad you enjoyed the snippets. Thank you for picking up Tempted by An Angel. I have had a lot of reader feedback, asking this exact same question and I’m happy to tell you, that yes, Angel and Matt will be getting their own book. More mishaps in their future of course 🙂 Check back on this blog for updates. Thanks again!


  3. Now you’re just being mean with all of the memes and snippets and pictures. You’re a dirty, dirty tease ;).


    1. Moi? A tease? 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and soon the teasing shall stop.


  4. Great snippets! Now, what’s a meme?


    1. Thanks, Nancy. A meme is a picture with a quote or saying on it. That’s what was explained to me. LOL


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