Kismet is here! #romcom #romancenovel


Finishing this novel has been internally challenging, creating while navigating a new life without my number one support, cheerleader, and love of my life, however it has also been fulfilling, and I can feel my husband’s pride in spirit that I am continuing with my passion for writing.

Writing is a solitary undertaking, but it also takes a village of love and support, plus a stash of chocolate-covered almonds and Earl Gray tea to see a book come full circle.

This book would not have been possible if not for the beautiful and giving members of my family, friends, colleagues, & fun ladies in the Selena’s Beta Babes group.

My immense gratitude to them all and to all book lovers, bloggers and reviews.

I’m fortunate to have you all my life.

Sassy, reflective and uplifting, ONCE UPON A KISS is a sensually sweet—with dashes of cayenne heat, romantic comedy with an added touch of mysticism.

Jason O’Neil has one job—and it isn’t falling in love with a local…

Known as the Master of Acquisitions and armed with savvy and charisma, acquiring Sabrina Monroe’s land for a golf resort is an easy purchase.

His strategy is sound until the tenacious and unyielding landowner literally throws a wrench into his plans when a mix-up leads him to assume the identity of a handyman.

He’s determined to succeed where other land developers have failed, trading in his designer briefcase for a tool case and concocting clever ways to hide his utter lack of handyman skills.

Being attracted to her is a setback, getting involved is a complication, falling in love was never part of the plan.

Sabrina Monroe doesn’t ask for much…

A steady income, a reliable car, uninterrupted naps, logical explanations for the mystical happenings in her life, and a force field around her land that repels people who threaten her sanity—especially the entitled suits who want to convert her family’s property into an overpriced golf resort.

A man she could trust would be a bonus.

Caught somewhere between fate and Murphy’s law, Sabrina finds herself falling for the handyman, who appeared on her doorstep out of thin air. Stranger things have happened. She should know.

Jason and Sabrina both want the same thing—her land…and each other.
Can their desires transcend the forces that work against them?

Especially when the truth is revealed …

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  1. Sounds very intriguing. I will be ordering a copy.


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    1. Thank you! I appreciate the support. I hope you enjoy their adventure. 🙂


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