Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies

Please join me in welcoming Misty Evans to my blog as she talks about the behind-the-scenes scoop of the television show, Ghost Whisperer. Misty is also running a contest to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Soul Protector(Contest details below).

Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies by Misty Evans

I’m a big fan of ghost stories and movies. In my new release, SOUL PROTECTOR, my heroine is a ghost whisperer. While researching real life ghost whisperers, I came across a lot of information on Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann is the real life inspiration for the TV show “Ghost Whisperer”, the author of “When Ghosts Speak” and the co-author of “The Ice Cradle” and “The Book of Illumination.” She has worked with federal agencies as a paranormal investigator and even has a cookbook of ghostly recipes.

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