A message from the other side? Or my imagination?

Today I’m visiting fellow author, Denise Agnew on her blog, discussing my one and only encounter with paranormal activity. Although, I’m not sure if it really was a paranormal encounter. Did this snow globe send me a message? How did it turn itself on? I would love to hear your thoughts. CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO DENISE’S BLOG. Come on over and chat with me … Continue reading A message from the other side? Or my imagination?

Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies

Please join me in welcoming Misty Evans to my blog as she talks about the behind-the-scenes scoop of the television show, Ghost Whisperer. Misty is also running a contest to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Soul Protector(Contest details below).

Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies by Misty Evans

I’m a big fan of ghost stories and movies. In my new release, SOUL PROTECTOR, my heroine is a ghost whisperer. While researching real life ghost whisperers, I came across a lot of information on Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann is the real life inspiration for the TV show “Ghost Whisperer”, the author of “When Ghosts Speak” and the co-author of “The Ice Cradle” and “The Book of Illumination.” She has worked with federal agencies as a paranormal investigator and even has a cookbook of ghostly recipes.

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