Manhattan in Miniature

As part of the editorial team for The Big Thrill magazine, and member of Thriller Writers International, I had the honor of interviewing, Camille Minichino for the magazine’s June edition. Camille has written more than 20 mystery novels, and she also writes as: Margaret Grace and Jean Flowers. A retired physicist, she’s married to her webmaster, loves writing, but misses her He-Ne laser. As Margaret Grace, she writes the Miniature Mysteries, featuring miniaturist … Continue reading Manhattan in Miniature

A message from the other side? Or my imagination?

Today I’m visiting fellow author, Denise Agnew on her blog, discussing my one and only encounter with paranormal activity. Although, I’m not sure if it really was a paranormal encounter. Did this snow globe send me a message? How did it turn itself on? I would love to hear your thoughts. CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO DENISE’S BLOG. Come on over and chat with me … Continue reading A message from the other side? Or my imagination?