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Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies

Please join me in welcoming Misty Evans to my blog as she talks about the behind-the-scenes scoop of the television show, Ghost Whisperer. Misty is also running a contest to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Soul Protector(Contest details below).

Ghost Whisperer Goes to the Movies by Misty Evans

I’m a big fan of ghost stories and movies. In my new release, SOUL PROTECTOR, my heroine is a ghost whisperer. While researching real life ghost whisperers, I came across a lot of information on Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann is the real life inspiration for the TV show “Ghost Whisperer”, the author of “When Ghosts Speak” and the co-author of “The Ice Cradle” and “The Book of Illumination.” She has worked with federal agencies as a paranormal investigator and even has a cookbook of ghostly recipes.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin by Misty Evans PLUS & Contest to win “Witches Anonymous”

Please welcome MISTY EVANSauthor of, Witches Anonymous (I love this cover!) to my blog as she discusses life as the mother of twins, writing, and witches. (Contest details listed below).

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I’m the mother of twins. Twin sons and twin genres. My stories are my babies, just like my real kids, but neither my sons nor my genres resemble each other.

One of my sons is a brunette who plays guitar and loves baseball. He wants to be a marine biologist or a computer programmer or (fill in the flavor of the day). The other is a blonde who plays drums and loves skateboarding. He wants to be Albert Einstein, period. People who meet them for the first time don’t believe they’re twins. If I hadn’t been there for the c-section that followed twenty-two hours of labor, I might not believe it either.

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