Gratitude Attitude



In Canada, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and in the USA they’ll be celebrating in November.

This is one of my favorite holidays because you probably surmised that besides writing, cooking is another passion of mine—as is eating. 🙂

I strive to keep an attitude of gratitude daily, and the list grows as each day as I am blessed with the small things that are bestowed on me, my family, friends and the world.


I’m Grateful and give thanks for…..



Always on the top of my list to thank is God, without Him or Her, then none of this would be possible for me.



I am eternally thankful for my love-of-my-life/best friend-with-much-benefits (husband), my boys—I love them to Pluto and beyond. My family and extended family.



I would take a bullet (not a fatal one, but a flesh wound) for my good friends.

Love my friends in person and friends I’ve met online (some I have met in person and some I look forward to meeting). My girl posse—my blood related sisters, and my sisters through love.

Grateful for the friends who will always be my friend–because…you know, they know too much.

To the Thelma to my Louise…but we’d have to change the ending on that…over the cliff would suck.

To the friends who are the “she” to my “nanigans”.

To the friends who will always lend a hand when I trip and fall—after they’re done laughing of course.

To the Ethel to my Lucy.



The gift of writing, reading and all the connections I’ve made with readers, bloggers and colleagues in the publishing industry.



The ambitious women and men who colored way outside the lines, and did not listen to the naysayers who told them that their goals for change, their innovative spirit, and their steadfast desire to better themselves and the world around them couldn’t be done.

These brave women and men thought big, and because they put themselves and their ideals out there, they blazed a trail for the rest of us in politics, music, creative arts, engineering, business, science—every faction of society.



He’s always glad to see us, fills our home with his wagging tail, wet nose, and lovable personality.



The farmers, grocery clerks, transport drivers, warehouse workers, chocolate factory, chefs, sous-chefs, servers, cleaning staff, and all the others working behind the scenes in the food industry.





Sense of Humor, Common Sense, Good Sense, plus all Five Senses



The women,men, and canine (land, air and sea)—here and overseas, the first responders, and all the people behind the scenes and front lines—who unblindly follow orders and risk their lives so that we may enjoy freedom and safety.





I’m grateful for all of you who took the time to read all of this, and even if you didn’t (then you won’t see this, but I’m still grateful for you).

All the people who I chat with on this blog, other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, via email, you all bring something special.









Happy Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and neighbors. Gratitude is something I strive to feel every single day, but I don’t celebrate thanksgiving every single day, all that pumpkin pie, chocolate and sleep-inducing turkey, probably not a great health plan. Once per year, we in North America (Canada in October and USA in November) set aside a day to celebrate our blessings with our family and friends.

To all of YOU who follow my blog, comment on the blog and visit my blog, and so many times you share the blog on Twitter and Facebook, I want to give you a big THANK YOU….virtual HUG and virtual chocolate covered strawberries, made with real smooth Godiva and lots of love.

I am GRATEFUL for each and every one of you.

To show my appreciation (along with a few of my wonderful author friends) we will be having a reader appreciation event on this blog, where you will get a chance to win either an autographed paperback book or e-Book. Over 20 authors have signed up for this event.

I’ll be posting that blog in the next few days. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying family and friends with a lot of laughter, debating, (Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be a full course meal without a debate) good food and your favorite beverage. If you choose to spend it alone, that’s okay too, but in the wide world web, you are never alone, so reach out and have fun any way you choose.

Wishing you and your families many blessings and tons of happiness.


Magic Mike, Godiva & Spanx….what do they all have in common?

This Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I am sharing a few things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for the 86,400 seconds I have every single day, living. I love living.

I am thankful for Google, as it allowed me to search how many seconds there are in a day because it makes me look smart. Doesn’t it?

I am thankful for the delete button on my keyboard which seems to have mystical powers and has shielded me from a horrible fate, after I’ve pressed it and abolished chain emails.

I  am thankful for the movie Magic Mike. It made me smile. I like to smile. I’m thankful I can smile.

I am thankful to the makers of Windows 8, it allows me to create new curse words. I am thankful I can curse in a few different languages. I like to curse.

I am thankful that since Hollywood already bastardized Bewitched there doesn’t appear to be any news that they’ll turn Cheers into a movie, starring Kristen Stewart. Because that shit would be so wrong, on so many levels.

I am thankful my husband does not have a Twitter account so he can’t make good on his threat to Tweet: Things my wife says and does, that have to be seen and heard to believe.”

I am thankful for my critique partners who don’t call the Waaahbulance any time I sink into the “I sucketh cave.” 

I am thankful for the existence of Pomegranates. I am thankful I can spell and say that word and they are so delicious. I am thankful I can appreciate delicious fruit.

I am thankful for Facebook, because without it, I wouldn’t know what people are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am thankful to Al Gore for inventing the Internet as I’ve met and chatted with kick-ass, funny and all around great people from around the world.

I am thankful for the makers of Godiva chocolate. I love chocolate. It’s an orgasm for the taste buds and it makes me feel good. I like to feel good and thankful I have the opportunity to sample their treasures once in a while.

I am thankful for the creators of Spanx. Godiva being the reason, but still, I love them both.

I am thankful for my husband’s love and his quick wit:  Example:

Me while in the kitchen, baking: “Honey, can you bring me a pen and paper, I have stuff coming out of my head.”

Hubby: “Don’t you usually use a Kleenex for that?”

I am thankful to my parents who sailed the ocean blue so many years ago, leaving their motherland behind and giving us a healthy, good life on this side of the ocean. (Although, if the Internet were around back then, they could have Googled the weather and may have boarded a ship heading to the sunny south.)

Most of all, I am thankful for:

The ability to love and receive love.

For being me.

My sense of humor, warped as it is at times.

My family—immediate, not so immediate, blood-related and bonus family members. Family near and far. I love you all, you’re the reason that I wake up feeling grateful each and every day.

Good friendships, both online and physical, they are supportive, witty, we laugh, we cry, we share, we just plain have a ton of fun. I love you all.

For my eighth grade teacher, Mr. Spooner, who gave me the nickname Scout after one of my favorite fictional characters, and encouraged me to write.

For the readers who plunk down their hard-earned money to buy my books.

To my author friends, the ones I connect with and chat with and authors who I’ve never chatted with, but appreciate their talent as they give me endless reading joy.

I know, this is sounding like an Oscar speech, but, “You like me, really like me. Don’t you?” 🙂

Our fur baby, he’s a great listener, and he loves to dance with me.

My hairbrush, makes a great microphone when I’m singing into it.

For all the unsung heroes: Vaseline, bottled water, sanitary workers, farmers, doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters,  military men & women, volunteer workers, daycare workers, teachers. . .the list is endless.

Thankful for all of you who follow this blog, comment and for all of you who have stuck with me today and read this far. 🙂

From our house to yours.



The Princess and her friends share Thanksgiving

What better way to commemorate the wonderful holiday of gratitude, with a story written by children ages 4 to 6 years old about what they are thankful for.

There’s nothing more adorable than reading how a child’s imagination is let loose with a creative writing project.

I hope this short story the children wrote will touch your heart and make you smile as they express their thankfulness through their story.

The Princess Who Ate Too Much at Thanksgiving

Princess Peach lived in a big castle called, Castle Love and Fun. The castle was made out of orange bricks, and had light green metal doors, and the windows were made out of red and gold paper.

One Thanksgiving afternoon, the princess went outside and swung on her swing that was made out of turkey drum sticks from last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Her dad, King Funny built it for her and her friends.

After swinging she decided to go to the beach. At the beach the sand was covered in pumpkin seeds. Princess Peach went swimming in the blue water.

After she swam, she dried herself with a big red and white polka-dotted towel and opened a big picnic basket.

Her mommy, Queen Laughing had put it there for her to enjoy. Her mommy also put a big fluffy orange blanket there for her to sit on.

Inside the picnic basket she found Cheerios, sweet potato French fries, turkey slices, stuffing made out of Skittles and chocolate, strawberries and pumpkin pie with marshmallows on top and  a big jug of pink lemonade.

Princess Peach ate and drank until her tummy was full and then walked back to the castle.

When she arrived at her castle she went in and saw her friend, Baddy the Yu-Gi-Oh Pumpkin. Baddy was at the castle and was munching on peanut butter sandwiches.

Princess Peach then saw Tulip the Pumpkin Dragonfly in the living room.

Tulip was having fun, looking at the Princess’ gold fish in the big Pumpkin fish tank.

Princess Peach, Dragonfly and Baddy went down the stairs to the castle basement to play.

They decided to have a party. They had potato chips, hot dogs and orange juice.

But the princess was full from lunch, and her tummy was so full she floated up to the ceiling. Dragonfly flew up to save her.

When she came back down they all sat in a circle and held hands.

Princess Peach said, “Let’s say thanks for everything we have. I’ll start first. I am thankful for Dragonfly for knowing how to fly to come up and save me.”

Dragonfly giggled. “I am thankful for Saturday and Sunday, cuz then I don’t have to do any homework.”

Baddy shook his head up and down. “I am thankful for my mommy and daddy and my grams and gramps and, I think I’m missing someone.”

“Your baby sister Haddy?” said Prince Peach.

“Oh, yeah,” said Baddy. “Her too. And real thankful that mommy and daddy change her diapers.”

“I’m thankful for my daddy and him teaching me how to burp real loud,” said Prince Peach.

“Me too,” said Dragonfly. “My dad taught me to burp the alphabet, but mommy doesn’t like it, but I’m thankful that she laughs and doesn’t complain too much when we have burping contests.”

“I’m thankful for my dance moves,” Baddy said, and stood up and danced.

Princess Peach and Dragonfly laughed real hard.

“I’m thankful we can laugh loud and no teacher around to tell us to stop making noise,” said Dragonfly.

“I like that,” Princess Peach said. “I’m thankful for all the goodies we get to eat at Thanksgiving too.”

They all clapped and rubbed their tummies.

“I’m thankful for recess,” said Baddy.

“And let’s not forget to be thankful for all the animals in the zoo,” said Dragonfly.

They all clapped again and let out a big yawn.

“I’m sleepy,” said Princess Peach.

“Me too,” said Baddy and Dragonfly.

They lay down and all said together, “We are thankful for Thanksgiving and all the nice people who do nice things for us.”

They all took a nap, and dreamt of all the fun they were going to have together at Christmas in a month.


Wishing you all A Happy Thanksgiving.

May your tables be bountiful with love, good health and laughter.

I am thankful for all of you, who visit my blog and make my day just that much brighter.