Own The Wind

I realize that the title of this blog post may be a bit deceiving, given what we talked about in my last blog, however this post has nothing to do with Yoga, or Yogini or the Blazing Saddle Twins.

Today, we’re talking about OWN THE WINDthe first book in the Chaos Series by Kristen Ashley.

The Chaos Series picks up after the last book (Motorcycle Man) in the Dream Man Series.

Chaos is made up of badass, alpha, motorcycle guys who love Tequila, their women riding on the back of their bikes and hog roasts.

I wonder if the Chaos badasses used a roaster like this for their famous hog roast parties?


The gals from The Sassy, Classy and if you mess with them….Kick Assy Cool Chick Bunch joined me for a Buddy-Group read.

After discussing the book, some of the gals (a few of the gals had chosen the same quote as their sassy sister’s, so we didn’t duplicate) kindly provided their favorite quotes from the book. 

Also, Heidi Wiley is back synposizing and reviewing the book.

The hero, Shy, is lean and sculpted, gorgeously tattooed, drives a muscle-bike (I know there are muscle cars, pretty sure we can say muscle-bikes), he’s of course a badass hottie, and he’s been “claimed” by one of the Sassy Chicks; Michele Serabian. Shy is one of Michele’s favorite hero’s in the Chaos Series.


The heroine, Tabby, is smart, funny, attractive (how could she not be, her dad is Tack from Motorcycle Man), however, unlike her alpha-full-of-hotness father (well, Tack happens to be my favorite hero in the series) Tabby can NOT cook.


In honor of Tabby and Shy’s book and the passages in the book where Shy had to order pizza, because he couldn’t salvage Tabby’s culinary offerings, we’re having a pizza party on the blog this week, where I will be sharing homemade pizza recipes, plus a gluten-free recipe.

So y’all come back now, y’a here (a couple of the Sassy Chicks have been giving me Southern speak lessons….bless their hearts.) 🙂

A few favorite Quotes from Own The Wind

Gitte Doherty (Totally Booked Blog): “I never dreamed any fuckin’ dream,” he whispered, and the smile faded from her face as tears filled her eyes.

She understood him. “Shy.”

“Didn’t dream it, saw it, waited my time, and then you gave it to me.”


“May feel like you’re fallin’, Tabby, but remember, I’m at the bottom ready to catch you.”


Michele Serabian: So many to choose from! Of course, I have to go with Shy. (See told you Michele claimed him)

“You need a safe place just to forget shit and escape, I’ll give it to you. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. That safe place is me, Tabby.”


Kame: “Nothin’ to say, Tabby. Life was shit. Lost my family, years later, found a new family. Then life wan’t shit anymore.”


Kelly Bennett: “I have never, not once, not in my life, made love to any woman. Not once. Not until what I just did with you.”


Shy Cage never dreamed a dream still, he knew, with out a doubt since he was holding one in his arms, dreams were real.

Pat Fordyce: “It was the best day of my life, and a lot of that had to do with looking into my husbands eyes and seeing, plainly it was the best day of his.”

Selena’s: “Tyra told me you two went at it for days over a flippin’ fridge,” Tack said. “Badasses are capable of and don’t hesitate to throw down about a fridge. An IT geek does not care what kind of fridge you buy. An IT geek just thanks his lucky stars he’s gettin’ it regular.” 

Heidi Wiley’s Review

“Tack studied him. Then quietly, he stated, “She’s my only daughter, man.”

“And she’s the only woman I’ve ever loved, Tack,” Shy shot back instantly.”


Parker “Shy” Cage claimed he was an angel. In between wild women, work and maintaining a solid position within the Chaos Motorcycle club, he kept a watchful eye on Tabitha Allen, not because she was the daughter of Tack Allen, the president of the motorcycle club, but because she was the only woman that had ever had a hold of his heart.

Not thrilled about the company she was keeping; Shy decided to give her a lesson in tough love to convince her to stay on the straight and narrow.

However, in the process, he burnt the fragile bridge they had built between them.

It wasn’t easy for Tabby to grow up as Tack Allen’s only daughter. Members of Chaos followed a code of loyalty and protection and anyone who hurts their families, paid.

Tabby carved out a good life for herself with a profession she loved, surrounded by family and friends but she never forgot  the night at the Compound when Shy called her bluff, and broke her heart.

A few years later, when a tragedy shatters Tabby’s life, she turned to the only man that could help her pick of the pieces and make her whole again.

Shy wasn’t going to give her a sunny speech, instead he poured her a drink and listened. He wiped away her tears and held her until so he could absorb her heartbreaking pain.

But Shy wasn’t perfect and being close to Tabby tried his patience and self-control.

To him the only place she belonged was by his side. While Tabby tried to find new normal, Shy struggled to keep his feelings in check, his words soft and his touch gentle so she could reclaim the person she was always meant to be.


Not wanting to give these Alpha-bikers up after the conclusion of the Dream Man series, Kristen Ashley’s readers can be safely talked down from the ledge with Own the Wind, her first novel in the Chaos series.

She writes true to her passionate voice, while keeping her unconventional heroes strong willed, smokin’ hot and more than a little flawed. The raw emotion in this story drives the intense sexual intimacy between Shy and Tabby that readers won’t be able to get enough of.

Characters we already love make an appearance to remind us of the connection they have to others, whether it’s by blood, marriage or friendship. This story will capture your heart and take your wild side along for the ride.

I highly recommend Own the Wind and advise readers to start with the Dream Man series for the full effect.

Alpha Hero & Tasty Potato Recipe

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday, plus a review and favorite quotes from, Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. A book filled with Alpha men who belong to a Motorcycle Club called CHAOS and a writing style that will entice you to read more from this author.

How does this tie into Tasty Tuesday and this week’s recipe?

Tack “Kane” Allen (the hero in Motorcycle Man and president of the motorcycle club) is a good cook…actually, according to the heroine, Tyra aka Red aka Cherry, Tack’s a great cook…in and out of the kitchen. One of the dishes he whips up for her is a potato casserole, so I’m sharing my version of Tack’s Taters (recipe below).

I’m also pleased and excited to announce that Kristen Ashley will be a guest on my blog on June 22ND.

A few months ago, Gitte from the Totally Booked Blog, introduced me to Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley, and I’ve haven’t looked back. Motorcycle Man is the last book in the Dream Man Series, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment to start with the last book. I’ve since read all the books in the Dream Man series and enjoyed them all, but I have to say, Motorcycle Man remains my favorite.

I’m here to tell you that I have joined the readers who are addicted to Kristen Ashley’s series (all written in first person from the heroine’s point of view) and her Alpha Hero’s. I haven’t read the other series as of yet, but like all other Kristen Ashley addicts, they are on my Kindle, waiting to be read.

Motorcycle Man pulled me into CHAOS MC world right away, its gritty and raw characters, because it was so outside the box of what I usually read.

I’m an avid reader, love books from all different genres in fiction and non-fiction, from historical to contemporary and heat levels from sweet to edgy. Kristen Ashley’s writing and books have added a new dimension to my eclectic array of books to enjoy.


If you are easily offended by curse words or gritty dialogue, then I recommend you stop reading here and if you wish, skip down to the recipe.

If not, then sit back and enjoy a review and favorite Motorcycle Man quotes from some of the members of a group which is comprised of Sassy, Kick-Assy Chicks who rock-an-ultra-cool attitude on everything from life to books.

MOTORCYCLE MAN Review by Heidi Wiley


When Tyra arrives at Ride Custom Cars and Bikes for her first day at work, she comes face to face with her new boss, Kane “Tack” Allen with whom she has shared more than a shot of tequila with. Tack is more than a little apprehensive about hiring a woman whose computer skills were not on the list of what had held his attention a few nights ago, as his new office manager.  With their attraction for each other and her sex kitten shoes getting in the way of their working relationship, they both submit to their desires but have a long road ahead of them sorting out how to accept their families, fears and the frustrations of a life they have just started to build.

Author Kristen Ashley has introduced a refreshing new kind of female character in Tyra.  She doesn’t spend time worrying about whether or not this man is trying to control her, but if she can understand his life and if there can be a place for him to share in hers.

This author has created a template for the original Alpha-Male. Tack is not sugar coated by sophistication, a private jet, or a bottomless bank account. He does not play head games and anyone that tries to get the best of this man’s mind, will lose.  Even though he is tough, his love for his family is the meaning of his life and for his past mistakes, he seeks redemption not pity.

Few authors can nail a man’s point of view through the first person of a female character. Kristen Ashley not only achieved this–she has mastered it. This story is off the charts sexy, fun and heartwarming.  I highly recommend Motorcycle Man and the rest of The Dream Man series but with a fair warning that you will seek no cure for this addiction.

Heidi’s Favorite Quotes from Motorcycle Man:

“No baby, I’m not scaring you.  You’re just scared.  You give me a little more,  you’ll see I protect it.  More, I’ll protect that too.  More, I got that too.  When you give it all to me, if it works with us in a way that lasts, you’ll never be scared.  You’ll feel safe enough to have your eyes open, your arms up and you’ll enjoy the fuck outta the ride. I’ll see to that Red, and that’s a promise.”


“I’m Chaos?”

“Was my dick just in you?”

I fought an annoyed frown and said, “Uh…yeah.”

“Then you’re Chaos.”


Favorite quotes from some of the members from the Sassy, Classy, Kick-Assy Group


Gitte’s favorite quotes: “We’ve hit the hot guy motherlode.”

“Darlin’, you’re the greediest piece of ass I’ve had in my bed in a long fuckin’ time. I got a taste for greedy, you think I’m not gonna take it?”

Kame’s: “This isn’t my know-it-all grin, Red. This is my I’m gonna get me some later grin.”

I felt a couple of quivers that were on the high end of the pleasant scale. Still, I shared, ” That’s even more annoying, Tack.”

“Don’t know why since me gettin’ some means your’re gonna get some.”

Kelly Bennett’s: “Life’s a roller coaster. Best damn ride in the park. You don’t close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe. You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.”

“Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, Love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful, Tack. The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.”

Kristy Wyatt’s: “I can’t function around a man if I know his ability to give pleasure.”

Selena’s:   And into the darkness, to his sleeping woman, he whispered, “You don’t know this, baby, but some men have dream women too.”

“Bottom line, no one fucks with my woman.”

“Baby,” his voice gentled, “this is me seein’ to that soft spot when I say quiet-like that I…will…be…there…in ten. And what I mean is, when I get there in ten, your ass better be there.”

Oh boy.
“Are you coming on your bike?”
“I’m in a tight, short, little aquamarine dress with high heels. I can’t get on a bike.”
“You’re in a tight, short dress and high heels?” Tack asked.
“I’ll be in there in five.”


This recipe is loosely based on Tack’s, because he used butter and I use olive oil, but you can substitute butter for the olive oil. I think Tack also used garlic powder, and I recommend either roasted garlic or minced fresh garlic. So I did take liberties with Tack’s recipe, but the idea is the same.


6 large baking potatoes (peeled, washed and dry well)

4 cloves of roasted garlic (or minced garlic)

4 sprigs of fresh rosemary

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

non-stick spray


Preheat oven to 400

Spray your baking dish with non-stick spray.

In a bowl add some olive oil and your garlic and mix together.

After potatoes are dried, peel them thinly.

Arrange one layer of thinly sliced potatoes in your baking dish, overlapping each other until the bottom is all covered.

Add, rosemary leaves, salt and pepper and brush with oil, making sure some of the garlic is sprinkled on the layer.

Continue in the opposite direction with another layer of potatoes, adding rosemary, oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

Continue with more layering, until all the potatoes are used, ensuring your top layer also has oil, and the rest of the ingredients.

Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes.

Uncover and bake for an additional 40 minutes.



Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

This blog is dedicated to Sunny and Shambles from SWEET DREAMS by Kristen Ashley.

Gitte Doherty from Totally Booked Blog introduced me to Kristen Ashley and the alpha-male-hero’s and kick-ass world of mystery, fun and humor she has created. I started off with Motorcycle Man and then of course had to read the whole Dream Man Series. I am currently reading Rock Chick Series, then on to Colorado Series and then the Burg Series…I’m totally addicted and out of control!

If you haven’t read Motorcycle Man or Own the Wind (the first in the Chaos Series) I strongly recommend you do. If you are an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy television series, then these are the books for you.

Readers and reviewers Heidi and Gitte will be on my blog in the near future to give you their impressions of these books.

Now, speaking of addictions….CHOCOLATE…most people’s kryptonite and here is a recipe to satisfy your chocolate addiction.


Yes, you read the title of this blog right: CHOCOLATE MAYO CAKE.

Chocolate plus mayonnaise in a cake is a party for the tummy. Trust me. This cake will be a hit with you, your family and friends.

It’s moist and chocolate-ilcious topped with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting that will bring out the oohs-aahhs and award you with many compliments.



2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup Real Mayonnaise

1 1/4 cup white sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

4 heaping TBSP cocoa powder

pinch of salt

2 tsp. baking soda

1 cup of boiling water

Optional: Fresh strawberries or fresh raspberries


Preheat oven to 350 F.

Add baking soda in the boiling water.

Mix ALL the Ingredients: in one large bowl and mix well, until everything is incorporated

Spray 2 cake pans with non-stick spray

Pour batter equally in both pans

Bake for approximately 25 – 30 minutes (or until done)

Put on cake rack and let cool.

Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

1/4 cup butter

3 cups confectioner’s sugar

3 TBSP Cocoa Powder

1 tsp. vanilla

2 TBSP milk

Directions: for Frosting

Mix together all Ingredients:

You may need to add more milk (slowly) until frosting reaches a spreadable consistency.

Frost cake

Optional: Decorate with fresh raspberries or strawberries.



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