Summer Reading

Looking for a book to enjoy by the poolside, beach or lazing around your back yard for the summer? I’ve compiled a list of books that I have read (plus my own for a little self promotion) that you may enjoy checking out for your summer reading pleasure. Books range from time travel, romance, comedy, mystery, historical, thrillers, paranormal, military, suspense, sexy and more. A great eclectic selection.

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Diamonds Are Truly Forever

As part of the editorial team for The Big Thrill magazine and member of Thriller Writers Internationalin this seventh installment I had the honor of interviewing, Gina Robinson, author of sizzling-hot spy novels, lurings readers into a world of sexy secret agents—and the women who risk their lives to love them.


Gina Robinson’s DIAMONDS ARE TRULY FOREVER, has been garnering rave reviews as have her other romantic suspense novels.

I was excited to be able to interview Gina because I’m a huge fan of witty plots with suspense, comedy, mayhem and romance.

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